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Microsoft Corporation MSFT has made some significant updates to its search engine Bing and Edge browser. 

What Happened: Microsoft has upped the ante with new updates on Thursday. The latest updates to Bing and Edge allow users to perform multimedia searches, keep chat history while browsing the web, share and export conversations, and use “actions” to assist. 

Most importantly, Bing AI, which was previously only available on limited preview, is now accessible to everyone. 

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Here’s a list of the most-awaited new updates to Bing and Edge: 

Bing AI Is Now Available For Everyone: Microsoft has opened Bing for everyone by moving it from limited to open preview and removing the waitlist for trial. Now users can try the new Bing AI and Edge by signing into their Microsoft account. 

New ‘Actions’ Feature To Make Things Easy: The new “actions” feature powered by Microsoft’s AI allows users to efficiently complete tasks without switching between sites, like selecting a movie to play, directly from the chat interface or search results in Edge. The tech giant demonstrated its compatibility with Apple TV

Not Just Texts, Now Get Image And Video Results: Users can now share images and videos in conversations with Bing AI and receive responses that include visual aids like images, videos and graphs. Bing can also identify objects and items in images and suggest similar products or services. 

Chat History Is Finally Here: Users will soon have access to their chat history in Bing, allowing them to pick up where they left off in previous conversations. Users can also open Bing chat results in their Edge sidebar to keep the chat on hand while browsing. Additionally, in case users want to export a conversation with others or continue iterating, Bing Chat now allows them to do so. 

Third-Party Plug-Ins For Bing Chat: Microsoft is collaborating with OpenAI to integrate third-party plug-ins into Bing Chat. For instance, users can now use OpenTable to book restaurant reservations or Wolfram|Alpha to answer science and math-based questions. 

For the unversed, it has only been three months since Microsoft introduced its AI-powered versions of Bing and Edge. In a short time, the tech giant has staked a claim for a bigger piece of the AI search pie, even though it was reported that Bing AI said some strange things

Microsoft currently also poses a serious threat to its long-term rival Alphabet Inc.’s GOOG GOOGL AI developments. 

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