Trump’s Niece Say DeSantis’ Overseas Trip Was A ‘Disaster’: ‘He’ll Never Be A Viable Force On The National Stage’

Ahead of a potential announcement of his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential primary, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently visited Japan, South Korea, Israel and the U.K as part of a move to boost his foreign policy credentials. And former President Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump, who is known for her anti-Republican stance, shared her thoughts.

What Happened: In her Substack newsletter “Good In Us,” Mary Trump wrote on Friday that DeSantis set out to “prove his mettle on the world stage while attempting to burnish his foreign policy credentials.” She also took shots at the governor, saying that he had none of those credentials whatsoever.

“It was a disaster and sales of bobblehead Ron dolls skyrocketed,” Mary Trump added.

Last month, during his visit to Japan, DeSantis was asked at a press conference about trailing behind Donald Trump in the latest polls, Daily Beast reported. The governor reportedly replied that he was not a candidate yet, adding “[we’ll] see if and when that changes.” DeSantis’ response triggered a flood of memes on the internet, with several users mocking him as a “bobblehead governor.”

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Never Viable Force: In her latest post, Mary Trump, a psychologist by profession, also wrote that DeSantis is unlikeable and does not know to behave around people.

“Once he is faced with reasonable if tough questions asked by reporters he can’t threaten, in a setting he can’t completely control, he gets petulant,” she wrote.

“With every move the man makes he proves that he will never be a viable force on the national stage.”

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