Fund Friday #1 | $CYBR and $IGV

Today marks a special day in the story of Coachman’s Research- today we are releasing our first Fund Friday! In this weekly piece, we’re going to be taking a dive into a few funds that have been piquing our interest and fit into our macroeconomic view of the world, so stay tuned!
Evolve Cyber Security Index ETF (CYBR)
Fast Facts:
  • Ticker: CYBR
  • Exchange: NEO
  • AUM $126.8M
  • NAV Per Share: $34.26
  • Price: $33.75
  • Expense Ratio: 0.63%
  • Benchmark Index: Solactive Global Cyber Security Index Canadian Dollar Hedged
Top 5 Holdings:
From where we stand, cybersecurity is going to be one of the defining issues of the next three decades. This thesis has been demonstrated numerous times in the past years as hackers have begun holding large swathes of corporate data hostage at never before seen levels- all while workers begin to operate in a hybrid environment- a trend that we don’t see disappearing anytime soon.
Aside from corporations, consumers are constantly searching for new ways to keep their data away from the hands of criminals and the corporations they interact with on a daily basis. Finally, from a national security standpoint, as hostile foreign actors including Russia, China, and Iran continue to bolster their cyber sophistication there have been renewed calls for an overhaul of the security guarding critical national infrastructure. These trends all culminate in an extremely bullish future for the cybersecurity industry. The fund invests in a variety of hardware and software manufacturers throughout the world. The companies held by the firm are primarily located in the United States (69%), while the holdings consist of mainly large-cap companies.
iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector ETF (IGV)
Fast Facts:
  • Ticker: IGV
  • Exchange: Cboe BZX formerly known as BATS
  • AUM: $5,241,948,908
  • Price: $288.02
  • Expense Ratio: 0.40%
  • Benchmark Index: S&P North American Expanded Technology Software Index
Top 5 Holdings:
The iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector ETF is an index made up of North American equities in the software industry and select North American equities from interactive home entertainment and interactive media and services industries.
A key driver of investments in recent years has been the ability to digitally transform the company to gain more insights and increase efficiency – and there is a very high demand for software that focuses on digitization, automation, and analytics in order to do so. As this ever-growing industry within North America constantly welcomes new companies to the public market, IGV by iShares, traded on the Cboe BZX, formerly known as BATS, provides more diverse exposure to this concentrated industry. As it relates to a majority of the fund’s holdings, IGV redistributes its portfolio away from tech giants into smaller, more growth-oriented companies within the industry. That said, this ETF is a practical approach for investors as they consider exposure to the software industry with subdued concentration.